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Excel Data - Issue converting numeric to text

I am trying to import a mixed (number and text) column from Excel into PowerBI, due to the start of the column all being numbers PowerBI has chosen the column type as numeric.  However when I change type to text the values 1.1 and 2.2 are being incorrectly converted to 1.1000000000000001 and 2.2000000000000002 respectively.


I have tested with a small sample set of data and am able to easily replicate see below:



PowerBI Convert Test.PNG

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I can repro the same issue as you. I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 45625491
I’ll post here once I get any update about it.


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Status changed to: Accepted



I've got response from the Product Team.


Instead of changing the type again, the customer should delete the previous type conversion to number by editing the automatically-generated formula that changes the type the first time.

When you enter a "1.1" into a cell, Excel actually stores it as follows: <row r="2" x14ac:dyDescent="0.25" spans="1:1"><c r="A2"><v>1.1000000000000001</v></c></row>

So you can see that we're accurately showing the value stored by Excel even though it differs from the value displayed by Excel.


As a workaround, you can split column as following screenshot.


Excel Data - Issue converting numeric to text_1.jpg 


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Thanks for the feedback, but this is a workaround that can be achieved outside of PowerBI. But it would be better with bug solution.

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bug still exists,

first partial solution would be to add a step at the Power Query data model as follows:

it won't solve an issue as convert 1.1 and 1.10 - these two values will transfered to value of 1.1 😐

= Table.TransformColumns(#"<MyLast step name>", {{"MyValue", each try Text.From(Number.Round(Number.From(_),2)) otherwise Text.From(_), type text}})

second partial solution (need to edit the Excel at the source) - add ' at the orignal excel before the value and it will fix it when importing the data to power bi -when transfer the value type to text it will dispalyed correctly