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Exceeding the 30,000 row export limit


Is there any way to exceed the 30,000 row .csv limit?
I tried one method that involved copying the table in power query but this only exported the visible rows in the preview (approx. 1000 rows).


Why does this 30,000 row limit exist?

If there's no way to exceed this limit, then this feature would be a useful addition to Power BI and assist greatly with exporting data out of reports.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Support

hi  @conorl 

the documentation states that there is a limit of rows that can be exportet to csv, this limit is 30000 rows.


Using the target format xlsx this limit is 150k rows, the export to xlsx option is available in Power BI Service.


These limits are described here:


  • The maximum number of rows that Power BI Desktop and Power BI service can export from an import mode report to a .csv file is 30,000.

  • The maximum number of rows that the applications can export from an import mode report to an .xlsx file is 150,000.