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Error while refreshing data for multiples Web REST APIs calls

I'm getting the following error when refreshing my query:


Falha na última atualização: Tue May 09 2017 09:58:54 GMT-0300 (E. South America Standard Time) 
Erro durante o processamento de dados no conjunto de dados.

Tipo de fonte de dados:


Erro de processamento:

[Unable to combine data] Section1/Query1/AutoRemovedColumns1 is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination.

Cluster URI:

ID da atividade:


Solicitar ID:



2017-05-09 12:58:54Z


I'm consulting two VSTS REST APIs:

- The first one executes a VSTS Workitem Query and returns a json file with the ids of workitems that satisfy the query;

- The second, I execute to get all the data for each id of workitem retrieved from the first api call;


I used a similar procedure as described here:


All works fine in Power BI Desktop, the error is only in

The privacy option is "None" for all datasources, and I'm using Basic Authentication with a VSTS PAT (Personal Access Token). 


I think my issue is equal to this one:


This is the sample code of my model, I built some functions to let it more reusable:


But I get the error even when I try a simple sample like this


Status: New



I noticed that there was a similar issue reported to the product team before, and some engineers are still looking into it. I'll keep an eye on it and provide info to you if there is any solution for it.


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Thank you, @v-haibl-msft. I'm waiting anxious for a positive solution. 




Do you use on-premises gateway or personal gateway in this scenario?


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No, any type of gateway. The endpoints are published to the internet through https. 


I tested the same code using a VSTS subscription instead of my on-prem TFS, and I got the same issue.

Although, for VSTS, I also tested the code using VSTS.Content instead of Web.Content, and it worked!

I'm wondering what Is the difference between VSTS.Content and WEB.Content... I noticed VSTS.Content uses OAuth to authenticate with VSTS. Is this the point? 

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We are running into the same issue at my company. We can refresh fine from Power BI Desktop and re-publish the dataset to Power BI Online, but can not refresh from Power BI Online, which means we cannot work with scheduled refreshes. Was there ever a resolution to this issue? Is there a way to schedule refreshes for datasets that use multiple Web API sources?

We are also not currently using an on-premises nor personal gateway for the information. Let me know if there is a solution or at least a workaround we should try.