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Error when trying to import Exchange Calendar



I am using the May 2017 release.


When I try to import calendar data from a shared exchange calendar, I receive the following error:


DataSource.Error: ErrorNonExistentMailbox: The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it.


This worked in the April release. I am not sure if this is a release issue or some access issue which changed.


I will appreciate your guidance.



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Are you getting data from Microsoft Exchange Online in Power BI Desktop? It seems that I can repro the same issue when I try it for the first time (without entering credential since I got data from the same source before and the credential was saved). But once I clear permission for this data source and retry, I'm not able to repro it any longer after enter the mail account credential.


Could you please try to clear the permission like following screenshot and enter credential again during getting data to see if issue can be solved?


Error when trying to import Exchange Calendar_1.jpg


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I am trying to connect to a shared calendar. I have confirmed with IT and can see the calendar in my outlook. I am not sure if the issue relates to me moving to in the last 3 weeks.


I have cleared the permissions. I am not sure what permissions I need to use to connec to the calendar. The calendar is shared so I do not have credentials for it. Must I use my own and my password?


Please find the screenshots. I also see that there are 2 smtps for this email address. Not sure which I am supposed to use. I tried both. Tried without credentials and with my domain credentials

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I have the exact same issue trying to use a shared mailbox. however when I use my professional, "normal" mailbox it works.


Have you found a solution?








We were not able to resolve this issue. 


We used a C# script which pulls the data from the exchange and puts into into a file.


For emails we are able to source from the email log files.