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Error when linking Flow to Power BI

Hey guys, I'm getting an error when connect Flow to Power BI.


This is the link that I'm trying to replicate:

Then I'm getting an error when saving the flow: This operation violates admin data policy 'Secure Data Access - Accenture', which restricts the use of business connector 'shared_powerbi' with non-business connector 'HttpRequestReceived'.


Flow error.JPG

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Community Support

Hi @swaggerboy69 ,

You need to check you DLP policies in your environments. In this issue, one of your connector is business and the other is non-business so the flow could not be saved.



One data group must be designated as the default group to automatically classify any new connectors added to Microsoft Power Platform after your policy has been created. Initially, the Non-Business group is the default group for new connectors and all services. You can change the default data group to the Business or Blocked data group, but we don't recommend that you do so.

Any new services that are added to Power Apps will be placed in the designated default group. For this reason, we recommend you keep Non-Business as the default group and manually add services into the Business or Blocked group after your organization has evaluated the impact of allowing business data to be shared with the new service.


Please refer: Data loss prevention policies 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li