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Error retrieving data in powerBI


Power BI 

Connected to Spark SQL Data Source


So I used spark SQL data source to connect to power bi application.

On the receiving end on the spark thrift server, I parse the query to optimize it further.

The issue I am facing is when I apply a filter visual level from the dimension dropdown

The query I am receiving on my end is 

select top 100001 group1, group2 from (sql * from table where filter in (?,?)) group by group1,group2

I cannot understand why I am getting ? in filter values even when I have selected correct lookup

It works when there is only a filter value applied.


I am attaching the logs from my end





ExecuteDirect","ResourceKind":"Spark","ResourcePath":"","cliservice","HostProcessId":"324","CommandText":"select top 1000001\r\n    `dimension`,\r\n    sum(`measurement`) as `C1`\r\nfrom \r\n(\r\n    select `<dimension>`\r\n    from `SPARK`.`table`\r\n    where `group` in (?, ?)\r\n) as `ITBL`\r\ngroup by `group`","ParameterCount":"2","Skip":"0","Take":"Infinite","PageRowCount":"0","ProductVersion":"2.79.5768.1082 




The query which is working 


 SELECT SUM(C_43) AS C_4331  FROM (SELECT C_61756469656e63655f61637469766974795f61756469656e63655f6163746976697479.`dimension1` AS C_43  FROM `table`  C_61756469656e63655f61637469766974795f61756469656e63655f6163746976697479 WHERE C_61756469656e63655f61637469766974795f61756469656e63655f6163746976697479.`dimension2` IN ('val1','val2','val3')  C_4954424c  



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@Anike ,


Do you mean when you apply only one value in visual level filter, it works well, but when you apply multiple values, error occurs?



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

Hi @v-yuta-msft,


Thanks for responding. 

1. When I select multiple values in the visual level filter with dimensions and measurements, I get this error. 

2. When I select multiple values in the visual level filter with only measurements, it works. 


When 1 is called, the SQL which I receive from the PowerBI app is

Select top 100001 dimension1, sum(measurement1) from table where filter1 in (?,?) group by dimension1


I don't understand why are the values not passed in the filter.


When 2 is called, the SQL which I receive from the PowerBI app is

Select sum(measurement1)from table where filter in  ("val1","val2") 


I am able to run this. This works perfectly.


I can attach a screenshot and debug/trace logs from the PowerBI app if you want.