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Error on basic filtering and drill through filter - online Power BI App

We are facing a strange issue where the published report is throwing the error"The report couldn't access the data source. Contact the author to have fixed it" at the top in a pale red ribbon and the visual is unable to render the data but is not the cas e in Desktop as we havent upgraded to Jan release yet. Upon examining, we found that the basic filter applied in the visual is causing the issue. The same error message is being displayed while performing drill-through as well. On clearing the drill-through value in that detail page gives the data. This seems to be a product based issue and we request for a quick remedial as our production works are getting hampered.

Due to this issue, we are actually petrified to get upgraded for Jan release!

Thanks in Advance!





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Hi Raam,


I can't reproduce it. If you can provide more details, I will try it again. In my test:

1. Share dashboard to users and then access the report that has a filter.

2. A report has a filter in an App.

Finally, I would suggest you file a support ticket here.

create ATicket



Best Regards,




Hello Dale,

Thanks for the response.

The issue got fixed by itself within 2 days from the date of reporting. Honestly, we haven't done any report level or tenent level changes in Power BI.