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Error on apply Power Query: Expression in partition n/a in table n/a references an unknown entity

Source = AzureStorage.DataLake("" & DateTime.ToText(Date.AddDays(DateTime.LocalNow(), -1), "yyyy-MM-dd")),


This PowerQuery Source gives a preview without any error, but when "close and apply" this error is shown:

Failed to save modifications to the server. Expression in partition n/a in table n/a references an unknown entity


When I change the source to static string it works fine!?


Source = AzureStorage.DataLake("" & "2020-03-29"),

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Same here. Tried to copy all queries from one (working!) file to an empty file and got this error. 

When trying to identify the query that caused the trouble I ended up not loading any query at all and the application of that changes (of not any query at all...) triggered the following error-message: 





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Hi, @aarongiust and @nicg: you are right!


TURN the "enhanced metatdata format" OFF and restart PowerBI WITH an NEW file (and copyying every formular via windows editor solved this problem!


Thanks Josef

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@jofujofu that is definitely a workaround, but not very feasible in most cases, unless you had just started work on your PBIX.


I think the feature should be pulled back out of preview immediately.

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I can confirm that this is the reason - without the option "enhanced metatdata format" it works!

But that means that you have to create a completly new PBIX file and rebuild EVRYTHING new, the PowerQuery Sources, all logic, visuals, etc...
Not acceptable.

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Hi @Oliverpmone ,

very much agree that this is a pain. Hope Microsoft will fix that soon @v-qiuyu-msft 


I've collected some links that can speed up rebuilding here:



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I'm observing the same issue with data from a web source (html content), although it's not mentioned in the documentation. Disabling the 'enhanced metadata format' preview feature, and creating a new file solved this issue, but it will still require a lot work to create a new pbix-file just to implement a minor feature... 

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@v-qiuyu-msft , is there an update on whether this will be fixed and when? This will ruin a PBIX file if turned on.

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Looks like the April release fixed the bug (Version: 2.80.5803.1061 64-bit (April 2020) ) (.. and even provides some backwards compatibility !!) 

Would love to hear from you guys how this worked out for you.


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What makes you say that, are there release notes somewhere? The April release did not resolve the problem for me.

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 I tried it on one of my files and they worked fine.

Havent't read anything about that yet.