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Error message when I try to update any Content Pack

When I try to update a content pack, (in, cog -> View Content Pack ->  Edit (an existing content pack) -> click UPDATE button), I see an error message that begins "The following groups have failed validation..." This happens with all of my content packs, even when there are only 5 members of the workspace that the content pack is publishing to, and all members are definitely still current staff members. Any ideas?

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I have the same issue, we can't share reports to our office 365 groups. 


It's a huge regression to fix.


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Same issue, it happens with previously shared content packs. No changes where made to the group that is being shared with.


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So I taked to a Microsoft support rep today who supposedly in contact with the Power BI product group didn't know how it broke. The rep said it wouldn't be fixed till April 2018(!), which I surely hope is not the case.

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We are also having this issue. 


I occurrs when "Updating" and existing Content Pack and when Creating a new Content Pack. 


It appears to affect ALL Groups. This feature has worked flawlessly since Power BI launched in June 2015. 


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TimeFri Dec 08 2017 10:34:40 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
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I'm getting the same error.  Can't upload dashboards to clients.  Please address ASAP.  This is critical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The only work around I know of is to share the content pack with the entire organization, but this can be an unacceptable solution for many situations.

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We are having this issue too. We are now unable to update any content packs. In our case we cannot publish to the entire organization and must enter each workspace name.


Hi All,


The engineers are working on this. It could be available in the middle Jan 2018.


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Is there a workaround available to publish reports to workspaces?


Our engineering team is working on a solution to allow content packs to be distributed to Office 365 modern groups.  We'll provide an update on this by the end of January.


In the meantime, Adam Saxton has released a PowerShell script which can be used to replicate membership from an Office 365 modern group to a mail-enabled security group, which can be used today for customers that already have Office 365 modern groups.