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Error message from RSManagement every 10 seconds

I am on the October 2017 Power BI Report Server.


In the RSManagement log I see this eror repeated every 10 seconds although with a difference requestId value each time


2018-01-11 09:11:39.9747|ERROR|5|One or more errors occurred.| RequestID = s_5a246169-0de8-48ad-a95f-890453db8f75


When I run a profiler trace I can see this in the trace at the same 10 second interval:


User Error Message

Error 201

Severity 16

State 4

Procedure or function 'SetConfigurationInfoValue' expects parameter '@ConfigValue', which was not supplied.


Is this a bug?


Status: Needs Info
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Hi @niallhannon,


Which action you perform in web portal then cause this issue occurs? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Needs Info
Helper II

I dont even need to peform any action in the portal, this error is bneing recorded 24*7 basis every 10 seconds in the logs.


So it must be something automated that is polling something, maybe whatever checks for subscription needing execution?

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How do I go about getting better support for this issue from Microsoft? I am clear if there is even another channel into Microsoft bar these forums?

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We had this issue with an SSRS2017 instance we upgraded from SSRS2014. We resolved this by renaming the below records from the ConfigurationInfo table then restarting the SSRS service.


FROM ConfigurationInfo
WHERE Name = 'ReportBuilderLaunchURL'
OR Name = 'EnableReportDesignClientDownload'


This is unsupported and not recommended. It stopped the errors for us. These records were not present in a cleanly installed PBRS, and this is suggestive that they should no longer be there. After renaming the above two keys to something else, the errors stopped. The report [...] menu > Edit in Report Builder link is operational and the downloads > Report Builder link works as expected. I suspect a bug in the updater is led to these not being removed.