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Error in Table Visual behavior

Dear Sirs,


I have a flat file.


The file contains row of names and values calculated in Excel that some of them presents #¡VALUE! when there is an error in the value.


I load the file to Power BI and create a table visual with these 2 fields.


The table visual only displays the names that has numeric values; it doesn't includes the rows with error values.


I guess Power Bi doesn't have to automatically discriminate values with errors when presenting the visual table.


If I am wrong, pls let me know how to solve this.


Thanks and best regards,


Status: New
Community Support

Hi, @caltamirano 

I think you should first check if the value with the error presentation “#¡VALUE!” has been imported into your Power BI dataset. When you create the table visual to place these two fields, you should also check if the value has been summarized in the chart. Because if they are summarized, they are of course displayed as numeric values.



What's more, I think it will be great if you can upload some of your sample data or your sample pbix file so that we can help you to check if you have done anything wrong or if it’s a bug that existed in the Power BI.

Thank you very much!

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Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin