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Error in Power BI Desktop may 2020 edition connecting to Wikipedia

I used to query the web page of wikipedia 



go to get data

choose web 

choose basic

paste URL 

then hit OK

then the error pops up: Unexpected Error access denied. this was not an issue in the september 2019 edition I still have on my laptop 


Please do not ask me why I use wikipedia thats to personal .. 🙂

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Community Support

@sofa ,


I have a made a test but the web connector works well on my side as below, my power bi version is  2.83.5894.961 64-bit (July 2020), please make sure power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version and check again.




Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

This problem is solved in the Power-bi desktop RS oktober release.

The july 2020 release does not exist with power bi report server designer