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Error importing Dataflow: DataflowInvalidModelError

Hi All,


Since recently I've been getting an error related to importing dataflows via the "model import" option. Whenever I try to upload certain dataflows I get the following:


Cannot import "Dataflow_X". Error code [DataflowInvalidModelError]. Activity ID is [<some Hash_A>]. Request ID is [<some Hash_B>].



The activity ID stays constant and the Request ID changes when I try again. However, they are never equal which probably causes the error. I was used to import this exact dataflow before, however recently it stopped working.


I look forward to hearing from you all.


Kind regards!




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That seems to work fine for me. You may export a dataflow and check the file.

New Member



Thanks for your reply. If I export a currently working dataflow to JSON and try to re-import it, it prompts the error. I do change the allownativequery => false. This means that the dataflows gets currupted upon exporting somehow since it does function when I just copy all the contents from dataflow A to dataflow B.