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Error When Trying to Refresh in Service w/ Postgres source

My dataset connects to a few different remote postgres servers. I used the postgres connector in desktop PBI rather than odbc. No issues with refreshing from desktop. I can't schedule refreshes in service because there is an error saying that my data source credentials are incorrect:


Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid. Please update your credentials and try again.


When I attempt to edit credentials I get the following error:


Failed to update data source credentials: An error happened while reading data from the provider: 'No Such host is known'



These credentials are correct and the same that the desktop version uses successfully.

It also doesn't give me an option to use a gateway, because it says it is unnecessary:


You don't need a gateway for this dataset, because all of its data sources are in the cloud, but you can use a gateway for enhanced control over how you connect.


Any ideas?

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