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Error Connecting to tables from more than one database isnt supported in DirectQuery mode

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by mchristy Regular Visitor on ‎03-28-2018 06:41 AM

Seeing issues with trying to create a new query in a current PBI file and the same database as other queries in the same file.  I have read a few other posts and issue ideas but not offical word of a work around or better yet a fix.    Please advise, need to add to a current file and this is not working.  I tried to create a new one and does not work there either.




by Community Support Team
‎03-30-2018 02:47 AM - edited ‎03-30-2018 02:48 AM

Hi @mchristy,


If the two tables are from the same database, we can definitely do it. If they are from two databases, I'm afraid it isn't supported for now. Please create an idea here.

BTW, please upgrade to the latest version.


Best Regards,


by mchristy Regular Visitor
on ‎03-30-2018 04:36 AM

Hello @v-jiascu-msft I am in the latest version, thank you for asking or implying.  It is an issue I am seeing with a more current verions.  I am trying to link to the same database not another, that is the problem.  I am seeing it in other places but not confirmation that the newest, March 2018, has the fix in it: 




I can not go back to a previous version I need the slicer sync for some of my dashboards.  Thanks

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