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Error 500 when updating custom visual

Hello, I recently updated some of my custom visuals.


I usually go on the report page and hit F5 to be able to immediatly see the new changes.

However these last few days, the component would just stay blank with numerous error 500 in the console.

Sometimes the component would load, sometimes not.


Screenshot from 2018-10-24 13-25-18.png


Any ideas why this is happening and how can I prevent this?

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Also, I noticed in some rare cases, the custom visual icon would just disappear from the visualisations panel. I would have to re import the component manually to repair the report


Screenshot from 2018-10-24 16-27-19.png



Could you please describe more details about the operation? We need to know what specific custom visual you use, and if you manually refresh the report page in Power BI Service after re-importing custom visual.


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I upload my custom visual, the generated .pbiviz file with

pbiviz package

in my organisation visuals ( )


After that I go on my report page and hit refresh (ctrl+F5).

Usually, I see the changes immediatly, I just did this without any issues this morning.

However, at the start of the week, I had the problem I described.

Here is the two visuals I'm using

"visual": {
    "name": "mobilité origine destination",
    "displayName": "Mobilité Origine Destination",
    "guid": "mobiodB3F938527A63426AAC98E1F48FF5CA14",
    "visualClassName": "Visual",
    "version": "1.0.1",
    "description": "Composant qui affiche la mobilité entre origine et destination",
    "supportUrl": "",
    "gitHubUrl": ""



"visual": {
    "name": "choropleth",
    "displayName": "Carte choroplèthe",
    "guid": "choropleth4B8A4CF4AE7345CA95318A39F7286E4D",
    "visualClassName": "Visual",
    "version": "1.1.0",
    "description": "",
    "supportUrl": "",
    "gitHubUrl": ""