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Error 500 when publishing multiple .pbix using the same dataset through powerBI service

I am using the powerBI Pro Trial. I am using one dataset .pbix file (published to PowerBI Server). I am then creating multiple .pbix files with reports using the PowerBI service connection to this published dataset from PowerBI Desktop. It all all looks good and working on the desktop.


When I start to publish the report .pbix files, after about 3rd or 4th .pbix file, when I load the next .pbix file for the report, system gives me an Error 500.


I have tried:

  • different sequence of report .pbix loads.
  • renaming and replacing of dataset file
  • getting the latest version of PowerBI desktop

I haven't seen any know issue with using the PowerBI Service Connection to the dataset. Can someone help me with what may be going wrong here and how to fix it? Thank you! 

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I cannot repro the same issue on my side. What is the data source of your original PBIX file? Could you please provide a screenshot for the error message?


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My .Pbix is set up in import mode to a SQL Server. However, I have not enabled the gateway and datasource connections on PowerBI serverice. Therefore, the data is self contained in the .pbix dataset for now.


There was no issues recorded this morning when I published this morning.


However, here are screenshots from a few days ago when the issue happened:





It seems that the issue has gone automatically. In step2 of your steps, the dataset "Payer" is not expected to be created because you are connect to the dataset in Power BI Service. You can create another thread in case that this issue happens again.


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