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Error: (409) when Publishing Report Connected Live to Dataset

To minimize load on a sql server during refresh, I've built a series of reports that draw off any one of five datasets. The first report in that topic contains the dataset, and all similar ones are built using a live connection to the dataset. I recently started testing incremental refresh to further reduce the load. Updating the master report is fine, when I republish, it behaves the same way as before. Trouble starts when I open the other reports that are bound to that dataset. First, when I open the reports, they error saying that they cannot connect to that dataset. (I've verified that the dataset ID does not change in the Power BI Service). When I reconnect and try to republish them, they give a 409 conflict error. I've developed a workaround using a powerapps app that uses the Power BI API. I publish the live connection reports to a staging workspace, then copy them onto the old copies of the report in the intended workspace, and rebind them to the master dataset just in case. 


I know this is niche, but has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi @JChris19


I would suggest you create a support ticket to get help. 


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Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu