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Embedded PowerApp Visual Bug

My users are having two issues with PowerApps embedded in published PowerBI reports. We are all using Chrome.


1) When first navigating to a report page, the users sees the "Do more with your data by adding apps", "How to get started" display for a few moments before the app loads. This is a consistent issue and has been present for months. Is this behavior intended?


2) When the app loads, it immediately appears as black box. This issue is intermittent and seems to have started more recently, in the past few days. Users seem to be able to resolve it by randomly resizing the window, changing view etc until the app suddently becomes visible.


Both issues are not present within PowerBI desktop. The issue is specifically in published PowerBI reports viewed through the browser. This is not limited to one app or report, we are seeing both issues in multiple places.

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Similar issue has been reported: CRI 190812677, so stay tuned.

Regular Visitor

We've had a couple of instances of the Power App failing to load in the report. Most of the times when this happens users have been able to workaround the issue by setting their browser language to English (US).


Unfortunately this also has the effect of changing formats where we can't manually override them (like date slicers), but at least allows users to make use of the Power App.


I am currently only seeing the How to Get started page in the Power app despite it being configured and it works fine with English (US).