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Email subscriptions not working after report update - showing as "Draft"

We have a Power BI daily status report that is published to the power bi service and shared with users.  Users subscribe to the main report page to receive a daily status update via email.


The report was edited in the Power BI Desktop service to add a new visual on the main page. The name of that page was not changed. After the report was published to the Power BI service, users stopped receiving the daily email update. When they signed onto Power BI service to view their subscription status, they now see the word "Draft" next to the repport page name. The only fix is for them to delete that subscription and then resubscribe to that page.


This is tremendously inconvenient-- we need to be able to edit our reports without breaking subscriptions. 



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Hi @braypa,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. As long as the report page name is not changed, republish the report from Power BI desktop or add the visual to the report in Power BI service, the subscribe is still here without Draft indicates. 


In your scenario, I would suggest you do a small test with another sample report. Create a subscribe for a report, then edit report in desktop and republish to service. Check the subscribe and see if you can receive email after dataset is refreshed. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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We have a case open with Microsoft Support regarding this issue.  Will post additional information as issue is resolved.

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Here is the scope of the problem under investigation, as reported to Microsoft. Note I have a Power BI Pro license and the users subscribing to the report also have Power BI Pro licenses.


  1. Using Power BI desktop, I created a new Power BI report with one page that used a table saved inside Power BI as the only data source. There was one visual on that page.
  2. I published that Power BI report to Power BI workspace and shared with selected users.
  3. I viewed the report in the Power BI service and subscribed to it. Other users also subscribed to the report.  
  4. I returned to Power BI desktop and edited the report page to add a new visual (pie chart).
  5. I published the updated report to the Power BI workspace. When I viewed the updated report in the Power BI service, and then checked my settings, my subscription had disappeared. The same was true for users subscribing to the report.

We’ve already ruled out the obvious ideas—this doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not the report is on a scheduled refresh, or uses the Oracle data gateway. The report page was not renamed, and we did not add or delete pages in the report.


Existing subscriptions work fine for this same set of users. It is only when a report is updated that the subscriptions disappear.

It’s not a question of user access, since users are able to subscribe to the report.  



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I am having the same issue.  When I refresh the report, it removes the subscription for that report.


Any updates?



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Waiting for a response from Microsoft. They are still working on the issue.

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Any response from Microsoft about this? We seem to be running into the same issue of subscriptions disappearing arbitrarily without any modification to the report names.

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The issues with subscriptions disappearing was resolved by a fix Microsoft deployed to the web environment. However we see continuing issues where on any given day some users will receive their updates and others will not. Strangely enough, a user may not receive a report for several days in a row, then without any action on their part their subscription emails start being delivered again.


No clear pattern, but it's definitely something in the Power BI web service rather than reports being caught in organizational or individual spam filters.

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Everytime I am updating a report, the subscriptions are being deleted.  The Page names are staying the same, the report in essence is the exact same (With a few tweaks), but when I update the model, all existing subscriptions are deleted.  Any news on when we can maybe see a fix for this?

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Any update relating to this issue?

It seems I have the same problem, after republishing report Subscription disappear from list of subscription (I can't delete it now) and created new one, so members are receiving two subscriptions.