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Email subscriptions not working after report update - showing as "Draft"

We have a Power BI daily status report that is published to the power bi service and shared with users.  Users subscribe to the main report page to receive a daily status update via email.


The report was edited in the Power BI Desktop service to add a new visual on the main page. The name of that page was not changed. After the report was published to the Power BI service, users stopped receiving the daily email update. When they signed onto Power BI service to view their subscription status, they now see the word "Draft" next to the repport page name. The only fix is for them to delete that subscription and then resubscribe to that page.


This is tremendously inconvenient-- we need to be able to edit our reports without breaking subscriptions. 



Status: Needs Info
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I realize this is an old post, but I had the issue myself just today. I had 6 subscriptions setup across 2 different reports. As soon as I published some minor filtering and formatting changes they all just disappeared. I'm just lucky enough I remembered how they were all setup in the firstplace.

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We are experiencing the same issue. Microsoft is aware that this is broken (again).  According to their status page they expect the issue to be fixed by end of day 7/21  (

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I have the same issue. After republishing reports with the same name all subscriptions are gone.