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Email subscription not rendering report or dashboard preview image

We are using email subscriptions fo reports and dashboards as a way for end users to get notified when report data is refreshed.


While the emails are being sent out, the preview images of the selected dashboards or report pages occasionally do not render on the email and only a "blank" grey box is displayed on the email.


The reports and dashboards are only refreshed once a day and as mentioned, this seems to happen at least twice a week for various users. We are also not using any non-certified custom visuals or large images in the mentioned reports and dashboards.


Can you please provide a solution?




ELT summary dashboard - 25092016- Blank.PNG

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Hello, I have dashboards dating back to 6/12 that have been showing up as a gray box. The link works, but there is no screen shot and the attachment is gray as well. I there any follow up to this? Currently it seems the newly created dashboard subscriptions are doing this as well. Any feedback would be appreciated. 



Helper I

Hi All,


another topic was existing on this issue. The issue is known with Power BI and they are looking into this.

See below link for the status of the issue, that should help to follow the progress.


Support site


PBI issue.PNG


Hope it will be fixed soon!




Advocate I

I went to the support site linked above and it says there are no knowns issues - I am only seeing a grey box with dsahboard subscriptions. Sort of irritating that they are saying it is fixed when it obviously is not.

Helper I

Correct indeed. In another post it was mentioned today that the development team is working on it and they expect to release a fix in August.... so we will still have to wait for some time.

Advocate I

Gotcha. Thank you. Wish they would update the support page so that I don't need to search posts for this information. Oh well.

Frequent Visitor

Would you happen to have the link to that update or post?

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I am using email subscriptions for dashboards as a way for end users to get notified of daily movements

While the emails are being sent out, the preview images of the selected dashboards occasionally do not render on the email and only a "blank" grey box is displayed on the email or broken image is displayed.


is there anything we can do to resolve this issue?

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I can't believe that after so many years this issue still exists on dashboards containing date slicer... it's frustrating and disappointing, Microsoft 


The image below shows the rendering issue where the gray area covers half of the pinned page of the report. This is after, I have re-pinned the page with the default date filters applied.. there are several pinned report pages on this dashboard so this is happening on some of the other pages too. 


Screenshot 2021-03-04 122112.jpg