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Email subscription not rendering report or dashboard preview image

We are using email subscriptions fo reports and dashboards as a way for end users to get notified when report data is refreshed.


While the emails are being sent out, the preview images of the selected dashboards or report pages occasionally do not render on the email and only a "blank" grey box is displayed on the email.


The reports and dashboards are only refreshed once a day and as mentioned, this seems to happen at least twice a week for various users. We are also not using any non-certified custom visuals or large images in the mentioned reports and dashboards.


Can you please provide a solution?




ELT summary dashboard - 25092016- Blank.PNG

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@mccool  - do you have any time intelligence filters on your dashboards (and on your underlying reports) - a date slicer or any other date filters that allow users to select time period according to their own preference ? If you do - you have to remove them and hardcode the date(s) you want to display on your dashboard within the measures. 


This is what I found from my experience and also based on other people's comments in this thread, to be causing the rendering issue.


I basically rewrote/duplicated all of the measures (and also measures which some of these depended on) in order to filter just the period I want to present on the dashboard - it was a lot of extra work but seemed like the only feasible option I could test.


I did that around the time I posted my last comment above and have not had the rendering issues since then.


I am still mad at MS for not solving this and for waisting my time like this for a workadound...:(

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Not sure if Microsoft recently put out this document just because people were having these issues, as it is dated 4/2/2021, but this was the resolution to my support ticket...


"Dashboards with over 25 pinned tiles, or four pinned live report pages, may not render fully in subscription e-mails sent to users. We suggest that you contact the dashboard designer and ask them to reduce pinned tiles to less than 25 and pinned live reports to less than four to ensure that the email renders correctly."


Subscribe yourself to reports and dashboards - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


Thank you very much for your suggestion though, it is greatly appreciated.