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Editing to Desktop from OnPremise gives Syntax error

I have a SSRS installation using Power BI Server version 14.0.600.286 (June 2017). When I use Internet Explorer (v.11) to visualise a Power BI on premise, all is good. However, when I select Edit in Power BI Desktop, I get the splashscreen telling me it is starting the desktop application. Then, I get a message box stating Syntax: PBIDesktop.exe [filename.pbix], and nothing happens (the process simply stops).  It is the same situation if I select Edit in Power BI Desktop from the ellipsis button of a report on the portal. 

Syntax Error messageSyntax Error message 

When using Chrome, Power BI Desktop opens without an issue. Power BI Desktop is version 2.47.4766.1221 32 bits (June 2017).

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Hi @EricPierre,


Based on my test in Power BI report server version 14.0.600.301 and Power BI desktop for report server 2.48.4792.721 64-bit (July 2017), the Edit in Power BI Desktop feature can works fine in IE 11.


In your scenario, please try to update the Power BI report server to the latest version as ours from here.


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Qiuyun Yu

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Is the July version for Power BI desktop for report server also recommanded to fix this issue?  I downloaded the latest version of the server component. However, the Desktop version offered on the download site is still only the June version, so not available for me to download yet.

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I have the problem on matching August versions of the Server and the Desktop client.


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I seem to be having the same issue: Power BI Server Version reported from the install is 1.1.6514.9163 (October 2017), but the version from the download link is 14.0.600.438.


My Power BI Desktop version is  2.51.4885.1423 64-bit (October 2017) and is downloaded from the same link as above.


I wonder if the issue is security based?



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We get this issue using the October 2017 versions of Desktop and Report Server. However, only using IE 11; in Chrome we do not encounter this issue.


I looked at the PBIDesktop.exe command being generated by both IE and Chrome, and it looks like for the argument to PBIDesktop.exe, Chrome encodes spaces ("%20"), but IE doesn't. So when the command is run from IE and either the report or report folder has a space in it, the argument provided to PBIDesktop.exe is incorrect, hence the syntax error. I tested on reports without spaces in IE and it works fine.

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I can confirm that it works fine in Chrome, but not in IE, and that the folder I'm working with contains a space.


This could be why originally tests weren't able to reproduce the problem (because it wasn't tested with a space).


I've raised the issue under suggestions as well, as two PM chases to mods that have edited this issue haven't garnered any response over the last week or so.