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Edit Interactions button not functioning properly

In the attached pbix file, please note the following bug with the edit interactions filter capabilities.  


Example PBIX


Users want to be able to compare years for item sales by quantity.  This would require using the fiscal days of the year vs calendar date to ensure that it is a like for like comparison.  The challenge becomes that users don't really have the fiscal days of the year right at the top of their heads.  However, they do understand calendar dates.


We have provided a slicer by calendar date.  This interacts with a slicer that derives the related fiscal days of the year.  When trying to get the Fiscal Day of Years slicer to be the one that interacts with the compared fiscal years tables - it doesn't work.  For some reason, it doesn't seem to recognize that the fiscal day of the year slicer was "acted on" by the calendar date slicer.  


As soon as I actually act on the Fiscal Day of Year slicer it will filter the tables.  I have checked and rechecked the edit interaction functions and it all seems to be in line.  It feels like a bug in the system.  


Please assist as the workaround is to have the calendar slicer interact with a card that displays the Fiscal Days of Year.  Then the user manually enters those day values into the Fiscal Day of Year Slicer which will then impact the tables.  We have already received feedback from users that this is "clunky" and they don't like it.  However, I'm not aware of another way to get the fiscal days of year from the calendar days selection.


Thank you!

Status: New

Hi @Anonymous, 


It looks like the link of Example PBIX is wrong, please double check it. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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My apologies.  I believe that this is the link. @v-qiuyu-msft 


Example pbix