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ESRI maps changing from boundary to default point map when publishing

A client of mine wants a choropleth map to show events in local authorities (UK) so I built the boundary map in the free ESRI map visual but when I publish it to the server it changes from the boundary map (which was 0% transparent), to a point map (50% transparent), but preserved the colours I had chosen. So it's like it's reverting to default apart from the colours, but the revert to default button on the ribbon is greyed out so I can't use that. upon refreshing it loads as I would have expected sometimes, maybe 25% of the time, which is weird behaviour. 

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@cllio  A similar ESRI ArcGIS issue was reported earlier this week and has been resolved.  Take a look at this thread....

Community Support Team
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@ThomVFI saw that thread and I am on the 'fixed' version ( but the problem is still persisting. Although it is intermitent 

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Did you also clear the cache, as desribed in this article mentioned by @mendriki32 ?


If you are still having issues. you may want to contact the author of the ESRI post...

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@ThomVFyeah I'm still having an issue. Tried clearing all cache, saving it under a diffreent name and publishing that and still got no joy.


I think I will try and contact ESRI as well.


Thanks for the help anyway!