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ESRI bug

Hi, as mentioned in this post


The bug is back. I have the same problem at the moment.

I use the ESRI map since months. But now it doesn't keep the settings I made. It always resets.


PowerBi Desktop Version:  2.81.5831.821 64-bit (Mai 2020)


ESRI Visual:

Name: ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

Herausgeber: Esri

ID: esriVisual



Status: New
Community Support



Does this issue happen on power bi desktop or power bi service? I have test on both desktop and service but couldn't reproduce this issue. The testing environment is as below:


Power bi desktop: 2.81.5831.821 64-bit (May 2020)

Power bi service: 13.0.13524.230

Tenant: East US 2 (Virginia)



Jimmy Tao

Super User

It is happening in PowerBI desktop.

If you switch to another page in the .pbix, when you go back to the map page it has dropped the reference layer.
If you save the .pbix with the map page selected, when you reopen the file the map displays correctly.
If you switch to another page then save an close the .pbix, when you reopen it and go back to the map page it drops the refernece layer.
If you publish the file the map page displays correctly even if you switch to a different page on the web then back.

It is the act of re-selecting the map page in the .pbix file that causes the reference layer to drop.

When created the reference layers showsWhen created the reference layers showsAfter switching to another page then back the reference layer is goneAfter switching to another page then back the reference layer is gone

I have uploaded my sample file for you to take a look at.

Power BI Desktop Version: 2.81.5831.821 64-bit (May 2020)

Super User

I Just installed the June version and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Version: 2.82.5858.641 64-bit (June 2020)

Advocate I

I'm having the same issue. Not sure I can update the desktop version without tech services. 

Regular Visitor

Hi @denveroed ,

With the june-version the bug is fixed.


best regards