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ESRI ArcGIS maps arent saving changes

I am using the free, out-of-the-box ESRI ArcGIS map visual.  I built this visual last year and had no trouble., so this isnt an RTFM situation.


I opened the PBIX and the visual looks like it reset to defaults.  Ok, stuff happens so I reconfigured it. 

Well, after saving and going back to the page with the visual, the defaults appear again. 


So, now, I have to publish the report (other changes were made) with an ESRI map that looks different because I cant preserve my changes.


I'm going to guess I am the only person on the planet seeing this issue, but I'd figure I would reach out take a shot.



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I'm having this issue again as well!

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I am having the same issue with the ArcGIS map too.

And this "reset to default" phenomenon also applies to when I switch tabs within the same PBIX file.



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I noticed this issue a few days ago. Simply switching pages in my Power BI Desktop report resets the ArcGIS map settings.

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Same here, anything that refreshes the page wipes the reference layer in the ESRI visual.

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I'm having the same problem occur.


Same issue here. Has been working fine for several weeks. Published reports work fine, anything in the desktop loses the settings. I.E Edit and set as below. Capture1.JPG

Save and/or switch tabs - go back into the report tab and - Capture Wrong.JPG


This happens on my work PC and my home PC (ESRI Version


Still happening to me! Symbols revert to default color scheme and the reference layer disappears completely.


I am having the same problem now as well. I downloaded the newest version of Power BI yesterday.

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I'm having the same issue here. 


I noticed this issue from the June update of PBI Desktop, I wasn't having the issue prior to that. A workaround that worked for me (until today, hence the post), was to save the file while on a page that didn't contain a map.


Very frustrating. Any update on correcting?