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ERROR TOtal Sale TY and LY ,

Hi , 


i still get confusing , When i visualize between TY and LY the line is not overlapped. 
it shown the continous , even i chnge the X to Categoral , it keeps appear like this. I found my past reports look the same but the visualization on these calculation looks fine. 
i also get confusing over this , sometimes i get it fix , sometimes i don't . and the calculation i used for last year shown 2019. it should be 2017 , not 2017. i dunn have data in 2019. 



Status: Needs Info


I am unable to reproduce this issue in Power BI Desktop August 2018 version.

Could you please share sample data of your table so that I can test? Also what is the version of your Power BI Desktop? If the max date of your fact table is 12/31/2017, the date of the x-axis in line chart should be 12/31/2018 after you put LY measure into Line chart.


Status changed to: Needs Info