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ERROR: Server data gateway issue

Data refresh not working. 

Reports are based on imported data from SQL server version 2016


This refresh issue was fixed in a more recent version of the Gateway. Please install the latest version.

Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details
  • Cluster
  • Activity ID0d2d528f-5ea9-49b4-b429-5cc9d8077370
  • Request IDcb9edd66-e248-4fe9-a8d0-409952f4ccbc
  • Time2020-11-27 06:15:00Z

We will try to update the gateway version locally but why this issue occurred suddenly is the cause of concern. We have to do local testing before we can just update the gateway. Why is this happening now?PBI_Server_Datarefresh_issue_20201127.jpg

Status: New
Community Support

hi  @KEITHO 

As the error message, please update the gateway to latest version and then try it again.