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E-mail subscription disappears after updating app



I have got a lot of feedback from my clients regarding thier scheduled e-mail suddenly disappears after a few days. This correlates with when the app is updated. So it seems like that everytime the app is updated with new featureas and functionality in the reports, all of the scheduled subscriptions disappears. 


This is premium user that only have access to the app and have scheduled their subsricption from there.


Is this possible to fix or is this adjustment already planned? 

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Hi @mroffers 


To narrow down this issue, I need to confirm several questions with you.

1 Is your issue that email subscription created by app users will be removed when this app is updated from workspace?

2 Could you please tell me more details about what kind of new features and functionality you made in the reports before updating app?



With more details from you, it will be easier for me to test at my side to check whether there is a method can fix it. Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Caiyun Zheng


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Hi @v-cazheng-msft 


Thank you for the quick response. 

1. Yes that seem to be the case. They say that the subsricptions disapear after a few days, and that is after i have updated the app because i have changes the report.


2. I don't mean any spesific new functionalities and features. It is for example when i have made some adjustments to the design and changed the placement of some visualizations to the file. I then re-publish the same file with the same name, and replaces the file in the workspace. Then i update the app from the workspace so the users get to see the latest changes. That is when the subsrciption seems to disappear.


Did that answer your question? 


Thank you

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Unfortunately, I couldn't repro at my side. After republish report and update app, subscription stil exists. You may open a support ticket by Support | Microsoft Power BI for further help.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Caiyun Zheng

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating