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Dyanamic Dimension from measure in power bi

if I have a three Table
1. Dim_Customer : joiningDate, LeavingDate, State, District, Cust_Type, CustID, CustomerName
2. Dim_Date : All Possible Column like Date, Year, Month, Quarter etc..
3. Fact_Sales : CustID, InvoiceDate, SalesAmt

need soluation like :
when i select 3 months from slicer then i need to create column :  (Fact_Sales[SalesAmt]/(Number_of_Month Selected)) and create bucket like 0-100, 100-200, 200-500 etc. Group by with CustomerName/CustID and Customer count in bucket which we have created.
Need to show in Matrix
Row = State, City 
Column = Bucket
Value = Distinct Count of CustID
Dyanamic Dimension
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Please share sample data of your table and post expected result based on the sample data here.

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please send your email id so i can send excel file with code and requirement detail. here i am not able to attach

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My Email ID is


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Please Find Input output Detail of my Issue "Dyanamic Dimension from measure in Power BI "