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Duplicate requests for OData feed in PowerBI desktop

 While trying to load data using OData feed, PowerBI is triggering multiple requests. For every fetch it is triggering more than 4 duplicates calls. 




If we don't specify the limit in the query, then it never ends, looks like in a infinite loop. Due to this I couldn't use it.  Is this an existing bug in PowerBI? Any solution for this?

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I have not seen such issue before. If you don't specify the limit in the query, are you able to load data successfully?

Could you please provide a sample data source which can be used to repro?


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Thanks for the reply.


This is what happening when we don't specify limit


1) request is being sent to my server to fetch data

2) I have a default limit specified to 5K. So, it is fetching first 5K records and sending another request with $skiptoken = last_record_identifier 

3) I implemented to handle $skiptoken from my OData feed. So, it sends requests until I don't have any more records to fetch

This is fine as long as I have data and I don't specify limit


But, when we specify limit, I see multiple requests  (from PowerBI Desktop)

These are the requests triggering when we I try to fetch 5K records

Access logAccess log

First 3 requests to show a small popup in PowerBI Desktop before loading the data

Next 4 requests to load 5K records in to PowerBI Desktop