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Duplicate Workspace Error using Power BI API

Sometimes when using the API to create workspaces I get the error


status code:400, statusMsg:Bad Request -
} for workspaceName:WORKSPACENAME-123456


Yet on the service website, no workspaces are listed, and querying the API group list also returns an empty list.

Oddly, on the services website I can still create a workspace with the same name and delete it, but the error still persists when using the REST API.


Another note, not sure if related, but I also received this error before I started getting duplicate name errors (same route for creating workspaces):

status code:404, statusMsg:Not Found - 


Status: New

Hi @dgdragon,


According to your description above, I just verified that I can use the REST API to create a new workspace/group without any issue.




I only get the DuplicateGroupNameError when I try recreating the same workspace/group. Have you tried create the workspace/group with a different name?


In addition, if the issue persists, I would suggest you create a support ticket on Power BI Support page for better assistance. Smiley Happy



Frequent Visitor


Yes, it does normally work. This error seems to randomly occur after deleting a worskpace and renders a specific workspace name permanently unusable via the API. For now we are just doing a work around with UUIDs. Will submit a ticket later.