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Dropdown Slicer- Inconsistent Behavior on web Service

The dropdown slicer in powerbi service is not showing all the values. I am able to see all the values in the pbix but in the web service it shows fewer values, but once i click on any option or click anywhere else the options show up . 


There is no filters on the page level . 

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I also see there were similar issues with other people :


I still dont see that it is resolved . 

Please help me find a solution to this issue, your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

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I have tested on my side, it works well.

If you could try to use latest version power bi desktop to have a test it again.


if still have the problem, please share your sample pbix file for us to have a test, that will be a great help.






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Hi Lin,

I have this issue as well.


I have slicer with region, each region has 5 sub-regions, it works fine in pbi desktop.

After publishing it to only first few values are shown, once we click and re-click all values are shown.


BTW i'm on PBI desktop Version: 2.93.981.0


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@v-lili6-msft This is still an issue, do we have an update on the root cause/ fix?

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Hi @PoornimaRavi , @JPotwora , @karthikkurpad ,


This is a known issue (internal ICM#: 241062154) and engineers have fixed it. Could you please have a try?

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Thank you for your support , this issue has been fixed.

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It has been fixed, thank you for the follow up.