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Drop Down Filters Not Permitting Selection

In PBIRS in Chrome, Power BI Desktop (May 2019), and Power BI Desktop  2.70.5494.761 64-bit (June 2019) we are experiencing an issue with Drop Down Slicers.  The issue does not occur in PBIRS in Edge or PBIRS in Internet Explorer. 


When selecting the drop down list the expanded list of options disappears (detracts) before a selection can be made.  In order to recreate the issue, I click on the drop down selection list first and then move the mouse down to make a selection.  The selection list disappears.



In order to "resolve" the issue I click anywhere else in the slicer area including below, to the side, or on the title of the slicer, anywhere but on the select list.  I then click the select list and I am able to choose a selection from the select list.



In an attempt to resolve the issue we have tried a hard refresh and clearing the cache of the Chrome browser which did not work. Obviously, this is not an option with the different versions of Power BI Desktop we are using.



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Additional note: this issue appears to only impact Drop Down list filters with scroll bars.  Very short lists do not appear to exhibit the same behaviour.


Hi @JasonMJones


I'm not very clear about the issue. Is it possible for you to share a video so we can understand the issue better? Please do not contain sensitive data in the video. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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The video exihibiting the behavior is below.  The Power BI report was createdin in Power BI Desktop (January 2019).  The same report exhibited the same behvior when opened in Power BI Desktop, Power BI Desktop (January 2019), Power BI Desktop (May 2019), and when deployed to Power BI Report Server. 


However, I was able to "resolve" the issue by deleting all of the filters in the report one-by-one and adding them back.  I included the video in case anyone else experiences this issue.  Not sure how to recreate a bug that was resolved by basically starting over but I do have a copy of the original report.  


Any update on this issue? i'm also facing the same issue.