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Drillthrough on Matrix in Service not working

I have a Matrix with Drill thru to Trend information.  Behavior has been stable and great for over a year.  I noticed it was not working on Service today.  The image on the left is Desktop...the image on right is same model on service.  We use and check it often...probably changed with the new release.  It doesn't fail on all models either.  Sure would be nice if things were stable.  Any idea what's happened?


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@ThomasDay i tought it was due for tonight?

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@devl0st3d Yes, quite so.  There was a post that the fix had been deployed yesterday afternoon.  I really don't know how long it takes after deployment for all workspaces to be fixed so I guess I've jumped the gun since many but not all have reported the fix working.  Tom

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I'm having this exact issue.  After pulling my hair out I finally see this post.  The drill through won't work on the matrix, but if I change the visual to a table the drill through works on the service when I publish to the web.  The drill through works fine for the matrix in the desktop, but dies when it's published online.


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@ThomasDay Right, i didnt saw this Post. Still im in the same situation as you are, not working yet. i've found a work around on pBI Service, setting the Service style to Old look, then i click File when under an app. and enable Drillthrought, after that a left click on a matrix cell popup the Menu ans im able to drill in, but its not a viable solution as i dont have access to all computer thats using the report and the option resets itself after Refreshing the webpage.