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Drillthrough fails for blank value of single column with Keep all filters on

Version: 2.83.5894.961 64-bit (July 2020)


Main page has a visual with exactly one column and any number of measures.


Secondary page has the same column specified for drillthrough.


If "Keep all filters"  is enabled on the secondary page AND the user chooses a blank value from the main page visual column for the drillthrough then the secondary page will not show the expected data.  If "Keep all filters"  is off OR if the main page visual has additional columns then the data in the secondary page will show as expected.


Issue is not present in 2.83.5894.721

Status: New
Community Support

@lbendlin ,


I will report this isue and update here when I got any response.



Jimmy Tao

Post Prodigy

I am frustrated with the glitch here when I try to add a new column in Power Query.