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Drilldown with categorical and continous data

Hi guys

I hope this is a real issue and not only my lack of understanding power bi.



I want to create a chart with drilldown function where on the upper level the values on the x-axis display categorical data (for example "monday-friday", "monday-sunday", "saturday-sunday"). On the second level (if you use the drilldown function) the values of the x-axis should display continous data (e.g. time value of every 15min of the day).


So this chart allows to switch from e.g. the market reach of some channel per category ("monday-friday", ...). To the evolution of the market reach over the day for the selected category. That for itself is no problem (see the examples below).



As you can see the values of the x-axis in the upper picture (the bottom level of the drilldown chart) are displayed like categorical data, i.e. every value is displayed.  This results in a chart where you have to scroll to the right what is absolutely not necessary and undesirable. My guess is that the bottom level x-axis is treated like the upper level x-axis - as categorical (This assumption is strenghend through the fact that it is not possible in this example to switch the type of the x-axis of this chart from categorical to continous).



Is there a possibility to treat the upper level x-axis as categorical and the bottom level x-axis as continous?


Thanks and Regars






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This option is for the single visual but cannot change for different hierarchies. Please create an idea in for feature request.


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Is there a link to how this issue has been resolved? I'm having this issue too, where in fact I have continuous top layer data, and all data below it in the heirarchy is forced to be categorical, and the categorical/continuous option disappears from the X-axis menu when I drill down. I haven't been able to find anywhere in the Power BI ideas page that mentions this issue or its resolution. 




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Any solutions/ follow ups to this? @QuinnP did you manage to solve this?