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Drill through does not consider the source item filters/selectors that have been applied

The current beta version of drill through does not consider the selectors and filters that are current on the "source" item that is being drilled from


Why would you want to drill from an element in a visualisation that itself has been subject to selectors and other user filtering actions say from drop down selectors and or other visualisations to a drill down page that does not represent the item you have just drilled from. 


It just does not make sence and this makes the current drill through just not useable as there is no reconcilation/asscocation  between the source and the answer.  


It appears that only "Native" PBI filters in the PBI  filter pane are considered!

Status: New



Please create an idea in for it.


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I think this is a bug given the number of comments that have been posted under the two ideas that have already been raised.  These "Ideas" have a substantial number of votes already with some people expressing the idea that the current functionality is just not useable at all in its current state . 

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