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Drill down dont work when right click and choose drill down in matrix visual in the service

Since wednesday the drill down when clicking right in the matrix-table in a report in the service does not work. It only shows a blank report. When clicking again (left click) inside the visual, it render again. We are on-prem gateway, and connected live with SSAS cubes, mulitdimentional. It works on desktop, but not in the service.


Choosing drill down here; (drill ned)



And this is the result;


When clicking (left click) again inside this, the report renders again.

Status: Delivered
Community Support Team

Hi @henmor ,


I have reported this problem before, CRI: 115021644.


But it looks like this problem is resolved by itself, Matirx Drill down works as expected now on my side. Please check in your environment.



Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team
Status changed to: Accepted
Frequent Visitor

I have checked, but it now takes over one minute to show the data. Seems like it doesnt load incremental, but the whole dataset when drilling down. 

@v-yulgu-msft Yuliana Gu

Frequent Visitor


@v-yulgu-msft It works again now!

Community Support Team
Status changed to: Delivered