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Do power BI reports cache dates?

I have created a report and used a date slicer so that the users can select the date range of the data that they wish to view. eg a quarter.  I have defined which reports the date range will work across.

However, I get an issue (cannot replicate myself but it happens) whereby when the report is refreshed at a future point, the report appears  to hold the old dates used for previous searching and will not display new data.  I created a report and it was used to search for dates upto 31st March 2019.  Now when I run a refresh, new data from April 2019 onwards is appearing in the "Edit query" section but I cannot get the new data to appear/update the existing reports - to get the new data to appear I have to create a new report.  Creating a new page in the existing report does not work.  It is like the date range used previously is "stuck" in the reports memory/cache (?) and therefore new data will not be used as it is not meeting the "old" date range.   This renders the reports blank and pointless.

I have deleted the data range filter, removed all filters, refreshed multiple times, reviewed the new data in Edit query so know it is in the data model, but I cannot get new data to pull through onto existing reports!!  VERY FRUSTRATING!

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Hi @mitchpj75


Do you mean you add a date range slicer like below to filter data? 




If it is, even the data in Query Editor is updated to 7/3/2019, as long as this slicer filter apply to the other visuals in report page, the visual data will not display the latest data automatically. You can select the end date in slicer manually to get the latest data, or set the Relative date slicer to show the latest data once the data is refreshed. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu