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Disappearing Reports in a Different Workspace - PowerBI Embedded

Our team has been spending a lot of time investigating this issue. It has been happening ever since we started using PowerBI embedded, but only recently have we been able to isolate its occurance. The issue occurs when we use the PowerBI API to upload (CreateOrOverwrite) a report to a workspace. That call is successful, but then reports from other workspaces disappear.


We don’t see an error on the call. The API call gives a successful create report for the desired workspace. At the same time, reports silently disappear from a different workspace.

We didn’t notice it for a while, because there was no error. It was discovered slowly over time as the team started to notice that the two happened at roughly the same time. But, it is possible that the timing is a coincidence.




I think we’ve made some progress on our side in being able to replicate the issue. I just did an experiment with a single report, and it confirms the problem I was seeing when we deploy all reports using the PowerBI APIs.

The step it seems to happen on is the call to upload an individual report to a Workspace other than “KaliidaShoals”, say “Cascade”. The API call successfully uploads the report to Cascade, but it also seems to take down the corresponding report from Kaliida. The specific report I tested was “overlappingSurgery”. The {groupId} below in the URI was the Cascade Workspace GUID.

Here is the API call information:

{Method: POST, RequestUri: '{groupId}/imports?datasetDisplayName=overlappingSurgery&na...', Version: 2.0, Content: System.Net.Http.MultipartFormDataContent, Headers:
Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSU…
Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary="c32c4758-a31c-4306-9b59-3567771c16a5"

The above POST also contains the PBIX report data as the mutlipart content part of the API call.

Based on experiments, and different team members monitoring the different workspaces as the API call is made, the “moment” that the report comes down from Kaliida seems to be at the same time the POST happens.


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Community Support Team

Hi @michaelcrocker ,


Please check the O365 audit log to see if any log message recorded the deleting operation.


Besides, I would suggest you create a supported ticket for further analysis.

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Community Support Team
Status changed to: Delivered