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Disabling Power BI Enhanced compute engine, still forces the dataflow to utilize it

We have been testing the Power BI Enhanced Compute engine. In this process we noticed when we set our dataflows to use it from the interface with either (Optimized or On), refresh the dataflow, on the next pass if we disable the enhanced compute engine from the dataflow settings the enhanced compute engine is still in use and never stops being used.


We cannot disable it and are noticing that this is causing dataflows to become corrupted (where they do not get new data) pushed to datasets that leverage the dataflows.

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Though it takes time to refresh the dataflow, that seems to work fine for me.


Advocate III

I have tried this with multiple refreshes and data flows in testing and still encounter it on East US2. As with most of the other dataflow issues in the past month people on the Msft staff say that the issue is working. (Dataflow renaming not working for example) Then say that the fix for the dataflows has to be deployed to all regions in follow up posts days later. Can you submit this and validate that it isn't another one of those?

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@v-chuncz-msft I've submitted support cases and spoken with engineering but they can't even determine what to do. Any ideas where to go from here?