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Disable full Deploy to Production in the deployment pipeline

I mistakenly hit the "Deploy to production" button and didn't know it.  The next morning, we realized that it deployed absolutely everything in our test environment to production.  It seems to me when deploying to production (or any environment), you should explicitly have to pick what is deployed.  Even having an option to "select all" under Show more would be better than allowing all to be deployed because of the slip of a mouse click.  If there is a way to force this now, I'm unaware of how to make that happen.  Please advise.


Additionally, if you Show more and select one or more objects to deploy, collapsing the Show more option erases the checked selections.  This seems like a bug, or at a minimum, bad design.



Status: New
Community Support


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Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin