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DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services: Connection Error

My team is trying to connect to datasets in our workspace using the new DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services functionality and are encountering connection errors.

  • Power BI Desktop Version: 2.88.721.0
  • Connecting to a Power BI Premium Capacity
  • Attempted connecting to many different types of models in the Power BI service, even a basic model containing 1 excel sheet to see if we could get it to work
  • Dataflows work without issue, and connecting to 1 Live Dataset works without issue


When trying to add a local model after establishing the live connection:

  • An error occurred while loading the model. Verify that the connection information is correct and that you have permissions to access the data source.


When we make the local model first and then try to add the live dataset connection we then get this error:
Cannot load model

  • Allows us to select the Dataset we would like to add to the model. Once we click "Create" it gives the below error:
  • We couldn't connect to your Analysis Services database. Double check that your server and database names are correct, and make sure you have permission to access them.
    Bad Request
    Technical Details:
    RootActivityId: 8d8dba2e-4c1a-4f50-a68e-b0375e4bac61
    Date (UTC): 12/21/2020 7:58:11 PM

We have access to the datasets and workspace so I don't know why we would be getting these errors. A single live connection works fine, but when we try to add the local model to create the composite model we get the errors. Does anyone have any thoughts on what we are missing?

Thank you for any help with this!


@jeroenterheerdt (additional details pertaining to the errors are below in additional post)

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@ErikVisser did you make sure to have XMLA endpoints enabled on the premium workspace? I don't see why it would suddenly break when moving from the shared to premium.

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Hi All,

Did we resolve this issue by now? or any workaround we have to use DirectQuery connection to Live PowerBI data sets, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




Resolver I

I have the same problem as @ErikVisser 

XMLA endpoints are enabled, and also the Allow XMLA endpoints and Analyze in Excel with on-premises datasets is enabled. 


I did a test with two identical streaming datasets. The one in PPU Workspace gives me the error, the one without PPU works perfectly. Would love to see this fixed!  


just guessing here; are you sure you are not in "my workspace" by any chance?

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Yes, I am not in my workspace.

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Same for me / us.

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@ErikVisser @Venkat_Chada @jeroenterheerdt 
Had some contact with Microsoft directly about this. but unfortunately no solution. 

The internal team pointed out that DQ for PBI dataset isn't supported for Real-Time datasets and that it's still in preview. 


Now it still doesn't make sense that it works in a Shared Workspace but not in a Premium one. I'm also curious if this means either: 

  1. When it's out of preview, it will also work in Premium;
  2. When it's out of preview, it will also not work in Shared Workspace.

Then there's this thing about Real-Time Datasets:

There are three types of real-time datasets, which are designed for display on real-time dashboards:

  • Push dataset
  • Streaming dataset
  • PubNub streaming dataset


I understand why it won't work with the streaming dataset, since there isn't any database structure build. But the datasets we are using are Push datasets, and I really think that should be no limitation.

Curious how this will end! 

Helper II

Just bringing this up again, as having the ability to use a Push dataset in premium capacity (for use in App) with a local model would be great.


The problem:


Per the Product Group, Push Datasets don't use premium capacity, even if the workspace they are created in is assigned to one.


The AS client wrongly assumes the push dataset is on Premium capacity and can't connect.

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We also have the same problem.


Only when we moved the Push Dataset from a Premium Capacity Workspace to a Pro Workspace we were able to create local model in Power BI Desktop,