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DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services: Error Message

I have just upgraded to the December 2020 release to test out the 'DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services' preview feature.


After connecting to my Dataset and then attempting to connect to a new data source I receive the following error message when adding the dataset as a local model:


"DirectQuery to AS - DW Common BI Model
The given key was not present in the dictionary."
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I am also getting this error message. Any fixes?

Helper I

I am also getting this error.

Regular Visitor

I also had this problem.
It happens when you have in the dataset tables without columns, only measures.

To workaround it I added a dummy column to those tables.

Resolver I

@LGS Wow, that's a great shout. I definitely have a table with just measures. I'll test that tomorrow and let you know if it resolves my issue. Thanks

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Resolver I

@LGS This works, thank you so much.


this issue was fixed in Power BI Desktop version 2.88.702.0 which was released today. Please test it and close this issue 🙂

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Thank you ¡¡¡