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DirectQuery Bug (February 2018) - Adding New Data to Model

Whenever I try to add new data to the model in DirectQuery mode I receive the error stating "Sequence contains more than one element", which makes no sense and there isnt really anything online that would suggest a workaround. I assume it just means Power BI Desktop is broken.


If I rollback to previous version I have no problem. Although I have to rollback 2 versions as the January update had it's own problems with DirectQuery. I want to use functionality in February version, so quite frustrating to be uninstalling and reinstalling versions just to add data to my model.


Have sent a frown and it states that it is a known problem being worked on. Would like an update here.

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relationship.jpg         please try this setting and see if this works

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Hi @hoffmanrat,


What do you mean "I try to add new data to the model in DirectQuery mode I receive the error stating "Sequence contains more than one element"? Assume you already get data from SQL database via DirectQuery mode, which data source you want to connect in the same report? Or do you mean refresh data? 


Please share detail steps for us to test it. Also there is a new desktop version released yesterday, you can try it to see if the same issue occurs:


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Qiuyun Yu 

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@Ishanm959 I wonder which setting you believe is causing the problem or would fix my problem? 


@v-qiuyu-msft Correct, I have already connected to a dozen different tables and I wanted to connect to another one in the same database - something I have done probably hundreds of times before. 


A workaround that another user posted in another thread was to delete all connections and then re-establish them, so I'll assume that it was probably okay if starting from scratch also - this wasn't really a viable option, or atleast a lot more effort compared with just running an older version of Power BI Desktop.


I have updated to Version 2.55.5010.641 released on 13/02/2018 and the issue appears to have been resolved.