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Direct query for dataflow cause error after publishing to service



I installed a direct query connection to a dataflow and put the data into a visual - all works fine in PBI Desktop (2.82.5858.961 64-bit (June 2020)). BUT: After publishing to PBI Service (same workspace than the dataflow / Premium Capacity), I get this error (see below). The most recent Gateway version is installed (June 2020).
-> So this feature does NOT seems to work as it should... Can you please check on that and fix it ?

Status: New
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Forgot to mention: Capacity is hosted in North Europe

Community Support

@schuffa ,


Could you share more details about the data source and share some power query code in advanced editor? Please do mask sensitive data.



Jimmy Tao

Advocate I

There is meanwhile a ticket - 120070225001867. It seems that the both preview functions "DQ for dataflows" and "enhanced metadata" are not working (yet) in combination.