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Direct Query not Working for Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Our organization have some reports that use Azure Database for PostgreSQL in direct query. Since Afternoon we started receiving errors in all visuals, that use Azure Database for PostgreSQL as the backend using Direct Query.

  • Activity IDe603f100-3fbf-468f-bb7b-fbfc6b0ad2e1
  • Request ID81939fca-d5f0-2e2e-3df1-12d20b219d80
  • Correlation ID4a92ee13-f0dd-8b77-7822-b599a1044676
  • TimeMon Sep 06 2021 14:49:34 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)
  • Service version13.0.16691.56
  • Client version2108.4.07469-train
  • Cluster URI

    Reports that are made using import method, appear to work fine. 
Status: New
Community Support



You may try to reduce Max Intermediate Row Set Count to a smaller value.